Portuguese Language Levels


Level 1
Upon completion of this course, students can expect to be able to hold basic conversations about their daily activities using present and future tenses. This course aims to provide beginning students with a practical command of the vocabulary and grammar of the language. Topics include phonetics, expressions of time and quantity, subject pronouns, articles, possessives, interrogatives, and the present indicative, present progressive and compound future tenses of common verbs.

Level 2
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to converse with greater ease on an increasing range of topics as well as being able to read and write longer texts. Building upon the basic foundation provided in Level 1, topics include prepositions, contractions, irregular verbs, demonstrative pronouns, ordinal numbers, adverbs, pronouns and tag questions. Students develop their ability to conjugate verbs in the preterit imperfect, preterit perfect, past progressive and present indicative verb tenses.

Level 3
Building upon the skills studied in Level 2, students rapidly expand their vocabulary and begin to express themselves more precisely as they learn to use the simple future, past perfect and subjunctive tenses. Among the topics introduced at this level are idiomatic expressions, object pronouns, reflexive verbs, comparative and superlative forms, telling time, adverbs, and the passive voice.


Level 4
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to discuss with greater precision topics including Southeastern and Southwestern Brazil, travel, study, work and festive occasions. Building upon the skills already acquired, students study reflexive verbs and pronouns, linking words, adjective and adverb clauses, diminutive and augmentative forms, and the preterit future tense.

Level 5
For students who wish to further expand their skills, this course introduces more advanced topics including the compound subjunctive and the personal infinitive. This course helps students to tie together all the elements of grammar and usage covered up to this point. Students practice and refine their skills by discussing topics including Southern Brazil, media, sports and other social activities, clothing, parts of the body and health.

Level 6

Students enrolled in this level are able to watch authentic TV programs, read authentic texts and communicate with Portuguese speakers on several different familiar topics. In this level, they will continue to strengthen their knowledge of grammatical and syntactical structures and will continue to master the language, while increasing rich and diverse vocabulary and coping with unfamiliar topics through extensive reading.

Level 7

Students will practice writing and speaking at different registers; and they will study cultural and literary texts in depth.  Depending on motivation, effort, and diligence some students will progress to the superior level during this sequence. Students completing this sequence will emerge with a proficiency level of conversation, reading and writing