Important Class Policies

Important Portuguese Language Institute Class Policies


Students are required to complete and submit the registration form at the start of each level session.  During your first class you will have a chance to meet the instructor, your classmates, and get a general feel for the course.  We want to meet you and explore learning goals with you.

The registration period is also when our instructors can provide an informal assessment of your Portuguese language ability.  Our objective is to recommend the class level where your learning experience can be maximized if you are unsure.  In no time at all you will be learning with students at a similar language level and challenging each other to grow your skills through shared experiences, storytelling and discussion of current events.

Tuition- 10 Sessions (1 1/2 hour twice a week)

All tuition payments are due upon registration and at the start of your first class.  Payment may be made in person by cash, check, or U.S. Postal Money Order.

POLI will also accept on-line payments using the Paypal icon on our registration page here: Portuguese Language Institute Registration Page


We want you to get the most out of our shared class experience and respectfully request that you attend all sessions. We ask that you call and inform your instructor in advance if you cannot attend a class session. Cancelations must be informed 7 days before the class to be replaced at no cost, otherwise an extra fee will be charged. Outside of extenuating circumstances we cannot provide student refunds for missed sessions.

Please plan accordingly, and let us know of any schedule concerns as early as possible. We enjoy our relationships with our students and value the time you invest with us. Unfortunately due to the maximum capacities of our classes we are not always able to provide make-up sessions. We will make every effort to have you attend a make-up session with either your current instructor, or with an appropriate class.

Thank you for choosing POLI – Portuguese Language Institute!